Eleven banks submitted bids in the new tender announced by Yosaria Plaza to finance the construction of a shopping and entertainment centre in Ružinov District, Bratislava. As Ivan Líška, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yosaria Plaza, further informed SITA agency, the selection of the bank is currently under discussion.
“The construction of a new centre is a large project and, as a result, progress is very slow. It represents a large investment of approximately 2.5 billion Crowns. So negotiations for financing take longer than with standard loans,” stated Líška.
Yosaria Plaza announced a new tender to finance the construction of the shopping and entertainment centre following the bankruptcy of the Austrian bank with which the construction of the Yosaria Plaza centre had been negotiated. Líška added that a large project is always financed by two banks, and under NBS rules the bank’s subsidiary could not solely finance the construction.
Líška also noted that changes were made in technology: “Initially, we planned to generate electricity from gas, but we reached agreement with the electricity company which will install a 6 megawatt-capacity cable,” He added that this will meet the centre’s high energy demands.

02.10.2007 / zdroj: www.joj.sk