No Changes to the Project

The entry of Doprastav into the project did not bring about any changes. “The project will be identical as that designed three years ago,” said Ivan Líška, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

However, the question remains as to which bank will co-operate in the construction. “In February we returned the whole granted loan to Istrobanka and terminated co-operation with this banking house,” Líška stated. A new tender, which is planned for announcement this month, is currently under preparation. At the same time, the project documentation is being finalised. According to Líška, preparatory and demolition works, as well as utility network relocation have been completed to date, which represents approximately one fourth of the construction. At present, Doprastav is submitting its comments on the project. “We need 14 months to complete the project.”

Old and New

Obchodný dom Ružinov (Ružinov shopping centre), built on today's Papánkovo Square during socialism, was partially refurbished ten years ago. It was mostly used by the inhabitants of the neighbouring housing estates of Trávniky, Pošeň, and Ostredky, as well as other parts of the Ružinov district.

Yosaria Plaza will have retail outlets, a swimming pool, and other relaxation facilities. A new wing will be added to the skeleton of the former shopping centre.

Yosaria Plaza (100,000 m2) will be the largest and most sophisticated shopping mall in Slovakia. The old building of Obchodný dom RUŽINOV (operating under the name PRIOR between 1998 and 2005) will be merged with a brand new extension. This will create a futuristic unit which will create a striking impression from both the exterior and interior. The unconventional vertical design of the entire shopping centre, the use of environment-friendly technology, the highest standard of networks, fittings and fixtures, and the revolutionary glass façade used on the building façade will make Yosaria Plaza one of the most attractive and state-of-the-art buildings in Bratislava.
Yosaria Plaza shopping mall represents an investment of 2.5 billion Slovak Crowns. The main investor – Yosaria Plaza, a.s. – is a member of the group which has rented its real estate to more than 400 companies since 1997. The following retailers have already expressed interest in renting premises at Yosaria Plaza: ZARA, H&M, C&A, Baťa, Marks & Spencer, BHS, Trussardi, Benetton, Stefanel, Orsay, Lamartina, Next, Mango, KFC, McDonald’s, etc. The group owns 40,000 m2 of rentable surface area.

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